Poetry Friday-A GREAT Nephew & A GREAT Aunt-Episode 2

Art by Landon (Click to Enlarge)

Welcome back to A GREAT Nephew & A GREAT Aunt where I team up with my GREAT nephew, Landon, and we bring our GREAT readers a-picture-with-a-poem sort of thing. Today is Episode 2. If you missed Episode 1: An Adventuresome Moose, please click HERE to view it.

Before presenting our poem and picture for Episode 2, I wanted to highlight Landon’s amazing banner that he created just for the A GREAT Nephew & A GREAT Aunt series. I love his creative vision of our title for many reasons, but this bit of a backstory is a reason that made me laugh out loud. One thing you should know about Landon is that he is highly allergic to fire ants and understandably has a strong dislike for ants in general. So when they tried to take over our series with their drills and dozers, and cranes and coffee, and hammers and hard hats, Landon promptly took the upper foot and squashed their bold move. Ants may rule the hill, but they don’t rule here!

Now moving on to  . . .

Episode 2-Robot Repair

The Poem

Robot text

The Picture

Robot Repair
Art by Landon

Thanks to Landon, the robot repair was successful! Notice the tools in his drawing. I just love the way he adds details that up the fun of the poem-story!

Thanks to all of you who joined us for Episode 2 of A GREAT Nephew & A GREAT Aunt. See you back for Episode 3 in two weeks 🙂

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater is hosting Poetry Friday at The Poem Farm today.

59 thoughts on “Poetry Friday-A GREAT Nephew & A GREAT Aunt-Episode 2

  1. My robot clock is saying E.MER.GEN.CY! E.MER.GEN.CY! How could I be so late to this post??? Rebooting now. Phew. Such an adorable poem with clever pre.sen.ta.tion, Penny. And Landon, wow!, great layering effects in your drawing! And you’re how old? You rock, kiddo.

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  2. What a great collaboration between two GREATS. Love the robot voice of the poem. Landon’s illustration is awesome and fun. I look forward to #3.

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  3. The illustrator is on the blog!! I’m SUPER EXITED for episode #3!! (right now i’m imagining the words “and now for episode 693!”) I’m hoping that it keeps going that long, but I might be OLD by then!! P.S. I need to find out how you make those emojees. Leave a reply with instructions please!?!?

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    1. Hi Landon! It’s nice to see you again! (I had you on my Creative Kids series on my blog once) 🙂 Great illustration for a great poem!
      The easiest ways to do the WordPress Emoticons are:
      : ) (without spaces) = 🙂 ~ : D (without spaces) = 😀 ~ : ( (without spaces) = 😦 ~ ; ) (without spaces) = 😉
      I hope I helped! 😀

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  4. I guess I did miss your amazing duo collaboration last week, returned to read it-wonderful beginning! Today’s is terrific too, & I certainly will share with teachers. Pairing up for poetry and illustration will be lots of fun. Love your clever robot punctuation & that pencil peeking out in Landon’s drawing!

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