Poetry Friday-A GREAT Nephew & A GREAT Aunt-Episode 3

Art by Landon (Click to Enlarge)

Welcome back to A GREAT Nephew & A GREAT Aunt where I team up with my GREAT nephew, Landon, who is a fifth grader. Every other week, we bring our GREAT readers a-picture-with-a-poem sort of thing. Today is Episode 3. If you missed previous episodes, you can view them by clicking below.
Episode 1: An Adventuresome Moose
Episode 2: Robot Repair

For today’s episode, I have an acrostic poem that Landon has cleverly illustrated.

Episode 3-OUCH!

The Poem

Text on crayon 3

The Picture

Art by Landon

Landon has a great sense of humor. For an added chuckle, click on the picture to enlarge and see what is written below “OUCH” 🙂

Thanks to all of you who joined us for Episode 3 of A GREAT Nephew & A GREAT Aunt. See you back for Episode 4 in two weeks 🙂

Today’s Poetry Friday host is the delightful Jama Rattigan at Jama’s Aphabet Soup.

44 thoughts on “Poetry Friday-A GREAT Nephew & A GREAT Aunt-Episode 3

  1. Oh, Landon! A sense of humor indeed… and a great perspective in that piece of art. Your poem made the circle of life just a little bit lighter, so thank you for that. xo

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  2. The worm’s baseball cap made me crack up. Great poem and art, Penny and Landon. You’re having so much fun working together — thanks for sharing it with all of us.

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  3. Beautifully shown, that circle, and the picture is filled with such emotion. I’ve shared about your collaboration with teachers, Penny and Landon-hoping they will be inspired!

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