Perfect Picture Book Friday-Tuck-In Time

Perfect Picture Book Friday is back! Very exciting. A big part of the excitement is being able to introduce books that I have read and that I don’t want anyone to miss. So today I want to tell you about an adorable book for naptime/bedtime.

Tuck In Time

Written by Carole Gerber
Illustrated by Tracey Campbell Pearson
Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2014
Ages:1 to 3
Themes: Naptime, Bedtime, Language Fun

When I tuck you in,
what do I see?
Two little eyes shining at me.
I see two little ears
that I want you to tweak
and a round little nose.
Can you push it? Beep! Beep!

Brief Synopsis: (from School Library Journal) A stuffed bunny cavorting on the endpapers as well as a puppy, bunny in its mouth, standing guard by a bed in the following scene, usher children into this delightful bedtime ritual.

Resources: Reading the book encourages parent/child interaction as different body parts are introduced in the bedtime ritual. And HERE are some fun bedtime games.

Why I Like This Book: There can never be enough bedtime books and this one is sure to be a favorite. The rhythmic rhyme uses simple language that will have the toddler chiming in with the parent. Didn’t you want to chime in when you read the opening?? The illustrations are a perfect fit. Cozy and delightful! I especially loved the puppy and the bunny being a part of the bedtime ritual. There is no doubt that this is a Perfect Picture Book!

Susanna Leonard Hill, most magnificent host of Perfect Picture Book Friday, has compiled a categorized list of the books that have been reviewed. It’s an incredible resource for parents and teachers. For me as a writer, it has been a way to build my library list each week. To access the list, click HERE.


41 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday-Tuck-In Time

  1. Oh, I read about this book several weeks ago. Fun to see it here. I’ll see if it will work bedtime magic on Enzo to get him to bed!

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  2. It’s so true that there can’t be enough bedtime books! I’m a little bummed that my little ones aren’t so little anymore so I can’t read this to them (can you imagine my calling my 18 year old in his dorm room and reading a bedtime story to him? LOL!).

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    1. Ha! That’s funny! Now I can’t get that tune out of my head! And I can see Dick Van Dyke and and the chimney sweeps dancing on the rooftop! Actually, I really do see it because I couldn’t resist watching it on YouTube 🙂


  3. Thanks so much, Penny, for your lovely review. I especially appreciate that it comes from a writer who is also represented by EMLA! (This book was sold to FSG before Joan Paquette became my agent.)

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      1. I feel bad for hanging up my picture book pen at the moment Penny but I do love them and one day far in the future I’d like to do a wordless one.

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