A GREAT Nephew & A GREAT Aunt-Episode 5-Poetry Friday

Ants may rule the hill, but they don’t rule here! Art by Landon (Click to Enlarge)
Ants may rule the hill, but they don’t rule here! Art by Landon (Click to Enlarge)

Hey! It’s Episode #5 of A GREAT Nephew & A GREAT Aunt. I, the GREAT Aunt, team up with Landon, the GREAT nephew, to bring you, our GREAT readers, a-picture-with-a-poem sort of thing. In each episode, I write a poem and Landon illustrates my poem. Landon is a fifth-grader and his drawings are amazing!!!

Today is Episode 5. If you missed previous episodes, you can view them by clicking below.
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Isn’t it fun that Episode 5 just happens to land on the scariest day of the year? Yay! Halloween! So, of course, we’re going to celebrate this holiday in style!

Episode 5: Trick-or-Treats

The Poem

trick or treats purple

The Picture 
trick or treats
Art by Landon

Cackle! Cackle! Cackle!

Hope you enjoyed Episode 5. We appreciate you hanging out with us on Halloween and hope to see you back in two weeks for Episode 6 🙂

Linda Baie at Teacher Dance has the Poetry Friday Fright-filled Feast of poetry treats! Be sure to head on over and read to your heart’s content.

45 thoughts on “A GREAT Nephew & A GREAT Aunt-Episode 5-Poetry Friday

  1. Uh…..sorry my witch scared you, guys!!! At first I wanted to make a cartoon witch, but, hey, it’s Halloween!!! Its supposed to be spooky!!!! Thanks for all the compliments!! (Landon)

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  2. Absolutely love this, Penny…the poem, the art AND the whole series idea! You’ve given me inspiration to do something with my 6-yr old grandson. 😉 I wonder if I can do a Google+ hangout with him (we live in the same house), actually reading a story or poem and then doing a little craft…I used to do those by myself, but I think it would be fun – and more entertaining for any one who watched – if he was in the picture.

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  3. Penny, this is the absolute best. Now how old is your nephew? That poem is quite good. And the illustrations, Wow! Well, it’s plain to see that the talent for rhyme is in the blood.

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  4. I love that I read this on my tablet and couldn’t see the picture until I had read the poem Penny. Wonderful poem and I totally imagined a kind gentle witch and then got a fun surprise when she was quite witch indeed. Great job saying little witch to leave it to the illustrator to choose.

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  5. Fantastic. You and Landon make a great partnership! I love the scary witch and the sweet little bat. I think we might need another illustration for this poem, because I really want to see Landon’s idea of what the Boo Lagoon looks like!

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