A to Z Poetry Challenge Day 12-A Load of Limericks

I read my A to Z  Challenge on Rena Traxel‘s blog today. Then I got in the car for 4 hours! Eeeekkkk! That combination counts for a load of limericks. Well, not really that many…but I loved how “load of limericks” rolled off my tongue 🙂

River Shiver
There once was a fish in the river
Who dined on fresh earthworms and liver.
Then he took a good look,
And he noticed the hook
Which made his scales quiver and shiver!
TuTu Guru
There once was a cow in a muumuu 
Who said, “I would rather a tutu.”
And as proof, she arose
And spun ’round on her toes.
A real ballet-mooving, dance guru!
Upside Down
There once was a bird who said, “Soaring
Is really becoming quite boring.”
So she flipped upside down
And the sky became ground.
And now she is soaring, adoring.
Again, I want to thank Rena for her challenges. Today I especially want to thank her guest host Catherine Johnson who told us all about limericks. Catherine’s fun-loving personality is evident at her blog which is a delight to follow and read! Check it out HERE
Just for fun…here are some limericks I wrote earlier this year.
There once was a bright, pink flamingo
Who married a wild, raunchy dingo.
Conversation was blurred
Cause he couldn’t speak bird
And she didn’t speak dingo lingo.
Along came a little flam-dingo
And they named the cute kiddo Ringo.
When he spoke his first word
It was dog mixed with bird.
It turns out that he was bi-lingo.
The Trade
There was an ole pirate named Sid
Who met a sailing arachnid.
He traded his peg
For one spider leg,
And tangoed his way through Madrid.
There once was a clock-making guru
Who boarded the Number Nine Choo Choo.
He mummered, “Oh dears!”
Cause the train’s engineer’s
Hands twirled as he hollered out,  “Cuckoo!”
Limerick Insomnia
At night I have limerick insomnia
In spite of my flannel pajamas.
My head is immersed
With the next rhyming verse.
Oh my! All this poetic drama.

17 thoughts on “A to Z Poetry Challenge Day 12-A Load of Limericks

  1. Is “limerick insomnia” what it’s called?? I think I must suffer from that too! So loved your clever word choices–“bi-lingo!!!” Loved that!


  2. You are the limerick queen! Bi-Lingo is hilarious and I can see you turning that into a pb somehow!!! Thanks for sharing Penny 🙂


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