A to Z Poetry Challenge Day 13-An Itty Bitty Possum

This is Day 13 of Rena Traxel‘s A to Z Poetry Challenge. Today is M for Mother Goose. Our challenge is to create our own nursery rhyme or write a fractured nursery rhyme. I am using The Itsy Bitsy Spider for my nursery rhyme inspiration. Since The Itsy Bitsy Spider has such a catchy tune, I brought in this baby possum to sing my rewrite of this popular nursery rhyme. (Oh come on…use your imagination!)

An Itty Bitty Possum

An itty bitty possum is there in yonder tree.

She’s in her momma’s pocket with Sammy, Ed, and Bree.

And even though it’s crowded, she doesn’t seem to care

Cause her momma feeds her dinner and takes her everywhere.

17 thoughts on “A to Z Poetry Challenge Day 13-An Itty Bitty Possum

  1. So cute Penny! Yep…you’ve managed to make possums cute throught your itsy-bitsy-ditty! (Who knew possums could be cute??) 🙂


  2. mmmm…… and mmmmm…lol. Love the poem and catchy tune….. pitty its for a possum. Down here possums are in there millons and a menac…. usually found flatten on roadways in the country…..lol. Agree with Catherine cute poem…


    1. Thanks for reading about my itty bitty possum, Diane. I’m sure glad my poem doesn’t stem from personally meeting a possum family. I’ll keep my distance, thank you :•)


  3. I have never seen a possum alive before, haven’t they got big ears. That’s a really cute Itsy Bitsy possum tale Penny, the poem not the possum 🙂


  4. Okay, so when your blog loaded up, it stopped on the cute pic of the baby ‘possum. Before I had a chance to read your intro, I started to read your poem. I instinctively sang it to the tune of, The Itsy, Bitsy Spider. Maybe it was the words itty, bitty that clued me in. Anyway, as always, Penny you mangaged to put a goofy grin on my face. DELIGHTFUL! I think I’ve been describing your work with this word too often. I love the last line of your poem. In the words of Ms. Doolittle, “Wouldn’t it be loverly?” Going to look up a synonym for delightful.


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