A to Z Poetry Challenge Day 5: Mouse Presents a Convincing Case

It’s Day 5 of  the A to Z Poetry Challenge hosted by Rena Traxel. For Day 5, Rena chose E for Epigram. If you, like me, were clueless when you read this word…here is a definition. An epigram “is a short, pithy saying, usually in verse, often with a quick, satirical twist at the end” (Poet’s.org). You can often find these types of poems in greeting cards. They can be inspiring, playful, or downright wicked. Julie Rowan Zock‘s talent is evident in the picture prompt she provided for today’s challenge. Thanks, Julie. Here is my attempt at an epigram.

by Julie Rowan Zoch

Mouse Presents a Convincing Case
When your life is on the line, Lion, I promise to repay.
I will choose my chews carefully in a snaring rope buffet.
If you have missed any of my A to Z Challenge posts, here is a quick list. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.
A if for Acrostic and/or Animal
B is for Brain
C is for Castle
D is for Doctor-as in Dr. Seuss

12 thoughts on “A to Z Poetry Challenge Day 5: Mouse Presents a Convincing Case

  1. I loved reading the epigrams but couldn’t come up with any good ones! 🙂 They’re on my list of “fun things that I want to write!” 🙂 Love “choose my chews….”


  2. Great, Penny! When I saw the title of your post, it only showed up through “mouse presents” and I thought it was mouse presents (like gifts) and all I could think of was droppings and chewed up soap! 🙂 I’m glad it turned out to be presents the verb! 🙂


  3. That’s adorable, Penny! i didn’t know it would be posted so early, I’d best get cracking.


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