Celebrating Poetry Month and Day 1 of the A to Z Poetry Challenge

To celebrate National Poetry Month, I will be participating in a challenge and a progressive poem. Poetry Month A to Z Challenge is hosted by Rena Traxel at On the Way to Somewhere. Starting with the letter ‘A’ on April 1st, 2012 participants are asked to write a poem based on that day’s lesson and challenge. There are 26 letters in the alphabet so participants will create 26 poems in the month of April. We will be off on Sundays (except for Sunday, April 1st).

Irene Latham at Live Your Poem is hosting a progressive poem for the month of April. Twenty-seven poets are contributing. Each day a poet will add a line to the poem started by Irene Latham on April 1st. I will contribute on April 7th. Follow the progress at Live Your Poem.

Also, I will be following Renée LaTulippe at No Water River, who has an line up of delightful poets whose talent you won’t want to miss. Each post will feature a poetry video by the poet as well as an interview. For more poetry fun, Katie Davis will have guest poetry posters on her blog, HERE, throughout the month. For an extensive list of kidlitosphere poetry events that will take place during April, visit Jama Rattigan at Alphabet Soup.

For the  first poem in Rena Traxel’s A-Z Challenge, the talented Julie Rowen-Zoch provided inspiration. Rena talked about and gave examples of acrostic poems. The challenge was to use the image from Julie a poem about animal or write an acrostic poem. Since this is kick-off day, I did both.

Image by Julie Rowan-Zoch

My acrostic poem.

One’s life is another’s meal
Unfortunatley, that’s the deal.
Chomp! Gulp! Swallow! Burp!
Hello stomach…goodbye earth.
A Word With Mr. Bird
“Ahem! Mr. Bird, that’s my neck in your beak.
If you have a reason for that you can speak.
Ahem! Mr. Bird, I prefer this brown dirt.
Speak up, Mr. Bird. It’s okay if you’re curt.
My hopes of survival seem to be shrinking.
So, please, Mr. Bird, just say what you’re thinking.”
“Stop, Mr. Worm! Stop the blabbing and gabbing.
I’ve waited all week to do some worm nabbing.
As to your survival…I really don’t care.
I need a snack, ya know! Life just ain’t fair.
Wait! Hey! Where?….Well, bless your worm soul.
I opened my mouth…now you’re safe in your hole.”

19 thoughts on “Celebrating Poetry Month and Day 1 of the A to Z Poetry Challenge

  1. Bravo Penny! Couldn’t sign up for one more thing this month, but I will be cheering for you on the sidelines! The bird acrostic is marvelous.


  2. Isn’t this month going to be fun???? Poetry Month is like Disney World for “Rhymers!” 🙂

    Favorite line, “I’ve waited all week to do some worm-nabbing” 🙂


  3. Penny! Your poems are SO good! I am totally impressed! Can’t wait to see what you’re going to come up with every day. Love that progressive poem thing, too, and Renee’s line-up!


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