Yeehaw! Poetry Friday Roundup is Here! (Poets and Cowboys)

poetry friday buttonI’m a happy host! September is my favorite month of the year and today is my favorite day of the week—Poetry Friday! On top of all that happiness, I’m super happy to be hosting the Poetry Friday Roundup for my first time. (I know it’s not quite Friday, but I thought it would be nice to post this evening for the early birds.)

Most of the year I join in the Poetry Friday Roundups with my series, A GREAT NEPHEW AND A GREAT AUNT, which features poetry and art. A few weeks ago, I invited any who would like to be a part of the series to contact me. In case you missed that post, click HERE to read it. If you’re wondering just what the series is about, you can visit all the episodes HERE to get a clear picture.

The word Roundup not only makes me think of Poetry Friday, but it also makes me think of cowboys and cattle. That could be because I live in Abilene, Texas where cowboys are still alive and well. Whatever the reason, I was inspired to write this poem, Poets and Cowboys. Slide1

Thanks for reading my poem and before you ride away, don’t forget to leave your link 🙂

Saturday update: It seems that Mister Linky is causing problems for some…yours truly included! So here is Amy Ludwig VanDerwater’s link. She shares an exercise that led her to write a howling good poem titled A Wolf Told Me This.

Please leave your links below with Mister Linky.


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41 thoughts on “Yeehaw! Poetry Friday Roundup is Here! (Poets and Cowboys)

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  2. Oh, it SO feels like wrangling! Thank you for this – I will be thinking of it this way often. Me and my little wordcows. Happy Poetry Week…thank you for hosting! xx

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  3. Yee-haw right back atcha! That’s a terrific metaphor that I think could stand a little more wrangling (and I love picturing the illustration that would go with it)! Thank you for hosting–I rushed to get my post up and facebooked and tweeted and forgot to leave it here until this morning!

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  4. I love the idea of words herded up and “branded” a poem. It’s so hard to know what a poem is, but I can see those individual words as noisy, dusty cattle wrangled into shape, definitely. This week I’m kind of late (what’s new?) with my Poetry Friday contribution over at The Drift Record, so you might call me a stray from the herd – thanks for wrangling our posts as well!

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  5. Love the alliteration in this line: “We wake and wrangle words.” Thanks for a wonderfully branded poem for today’s roundup. This new grandma is thinking about the poems and songs of childhood.

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  6. Sometimes I feel as if my poems round ME up while I’m trying to cavort off somewhere. Thank you so much for hosting and making me smile this morning! I left a link to my post about cake and clogyrnach.

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  7. Love the fun in today’s round up! Today, my lasso is tired! A first week of teaching has me beat…..but it was still a good week for words and I really look forward to re-charging with the offerings of Poetry Friday. Thanks so much for hosting!

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  8. Happy first Poetry Friday roundup! It’s great to be here, and I love your poem! That’s just how it feels sometimes…other times, like herding CATS to get the words to behave!

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  11. Great to see you here, Penny, rounding all of us up! The phrase “creativity steers us”-perfect. We have quite a bit of rounding up here in Colorado too, so love all the poem. Thanks much for making us look at poetry in a western way. I’m sharing a poem about poetry today too, will add yours to my collection!

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  13. Such a clever poem, Penny! And wouldn’t you know, I mention word wrangling in my post today, too! Did you know one of the things young Jane Yolen wanted to do when she grew up was have a horse farm? Thanks for minding the Poetry Friday ranch today! We’re all first-timers once… by sunset you’ll be a pro. 🙂

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  14. Tipping a 10-gallon hat your direction, Penny – Thanks for hosting; it’s a fun side of the fence!
    Love your images. With the possible exception of starting work at sunrise… ;0) I’m in with a short post as we anticipate Hermine here in the Lowcountry, and with a poem by Melanie Braverman. Keep your boots dry!

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  15. Yee-haw! Thank you for leading the rodeo with a wonderful poem. Gives me all sorts of ideas. I don’t live in TX, but I love Westerns. I’m in today with a poem about giants after listening to BFG on CD with my kids. It’s such a delightful book that really should be awful but somehow transcends that judgment. Like Westerns. LOL

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