A Halloweensie Contest: Sneak-a-Sweet

It’s the Halloweensie Contest over at Susanna Leonard Hill’s Blog!

It’s scary!
It’s hairy!
You’d better be wary!

Because!!!! We could only use 100 words! And we had to use the word witch! And bat! And trick-or-treat! And it has to be for the littlest of goblins! See??? Scary! But, I conjured up a little something called Sneak-a-Treat. And to make sure you have the best Halloween ever…be sure to read the other scary entries HERE.

by Penny Klostermann

There was a little witch
who kept a little bat
high upon the top
of her little pointy hat.

Every Halloween
when she would trick-or-treat,
the little bat would swoop right down
and grab an extra sweet.

The bat knew this was sneaky,
impolite and , yes, uncouth—
But when your home’s a witch‘s hat
you MUST tend her sweet tooth!

53 thoughts on “A Halloweensie Contest: Sneak-a-Sweet

  1. Love this, Penny! I have a sweet tooth also…Halloween used to be my favorite holiday! πŸ™‚
    Your rhyme is great and I could just see the image of the bat swooping down from her hat…what fun!


  2. So cleverly done! I’m glad I won’t be picking the winners because there are so many excellent ones out there. Yours is as great as the last one I stopped at. Well done. πŸ™‚


    1. Hey, Joanna! I am having a blast reading all of the great entries! And you did a great job of getting the word out there and bringing more folks on board! Makes it even more fun! Thanks!


  3. Why should a witch have a cat and not a bat? The bat seems so much more polite and well-mannered! Love it Penny! A fun, sweet Halloween treat!


  4. OMG Penny! Totally awesome! Such fun! I am blown away by the quality of the entries so far – so many good ones! – I seriously have my work cut out for me. Good thing it’s Halloween and I’ll be able to sustain MY sweet tooth πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks! I love the entries, too! They are making for a very fun Halloween! You do have your work cut out….it’s scary how hard it will be to choose. I’m sure you and your assistant will do a great job. Hey…you could ask a witch for a “make-an-easy-decision” brew!


  5. Supercalafragalisticexpealadociously done, my Penny gal. Whoop whoop for Bat. Mine was about a bat too. But due to Miss Sandy pandy, I could not get it finished. Good luck!


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