Perfect Picture Book Friday-Splat the Cat

Susanna Leonard Hill features Perfect Picture Book on her blog on Fridays. This is a wonderful resource if you are wondering what books to give as gifts, needing material for a lesson, and mainly just perfect for those who love to read picture books. Here is a list of books by category. Each book listed is a link to information about that book. It is very handy. This week, I have chosen Splat the Cat  for Perfect Picture Book Friday.

Splat the Cat

Written and Illustrated by Rob Scotton

HarperCollins 2008

Ages 3-7

Themes: First Day of School, Humor, Friendship, Animals

Brief Synopsis: (from Barnes and Noble) It’s Splat’s first day of school and he’s worried. What if he doesn’t make any new friends? Just in case, Splat decides to bring along his pet mouse, Seymour, and hides him in his lunchbox. The teacher, Mrs. Wimpydimple, introduces Splat to the class and he soon starts learning all his important cat lessons. But when Seymour escapes and the cats do what cats do (they chase mice!), Splat’s worried again. Maybe now he’ll lose all his friends, old and new! Just in time, wise Mrs. Wimpydimple takes charge and teaches everyone an important new lesson. Maybe Cat School is going to be okay after all!

Resources: Splat the Cat Coloring Sheet, Song (Tune: Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush), Reading Activites, Printables from Harper Collins

Why I Like This Book: Splat is so cute that you wish you could grab him out of the book and hug him. His tail is a work of art. And speaking of art, Rob Scotton’s illustrations are whimsical and perfect. His story telling makes you look forward to every page turn. Children will see that school isn’t so scary and that making new friends will be fun. After you read this book, you will want to read all the Splat books! Check out the other titles on Rob Scotton’s website.

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