A Great Nephew and a Great Aunt Guests-Sylvia Liu and Her Daughter, Sarah

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Ants may rule the hill, but they don’t rule here! Art by Landon

Ants may rule the hill, but they don’t rule here! Art by Landon

Hello, Great Readers of our series! Just In case you haven’t visited before, let me tell you a little about A Great Nephew and A Great Aunt. My great nephew, Landon (a seventh-grader) and I (his great aunt) collaborate. I write a poem which he illustrates. We started this collaboration in the fall of 2014 and have had so much fun with it that we decided to invite others along. Landon and I will continue to have a new episode on one Friday of each month. The other Fridays are filling up quickly with guests. I have created a page on my website to view all the episodes of A Great Nephew and a Great Aunt. Click HERE to visit the page and enjoy past episodes.

Today it’s my pleasure to share a creative collaboration from . . .

Sylvia and Liu and Her Daughter, Sarah

From Sylvia: This collaboration is one that bends the space-time continuum, because it’s between my almost-13 year old daughter and my 13-year old self. Sarah wrote the poem as part of an English assignment, which was to write about something the student would like to do but is not old enough to do, in the style of Langston Hughes’ I, Too. My drawing of an eagle seems like an appropriate illustration of this poem.

Sarah’s Poemslide1

Sylvia’s Arteagle-sketch-s-liu-1-copy

Sarah and Sylvia visiting an art installation in Norfolk, VA, called Stickwork, by the artist Patrick Dougherty.sarahjacobs-stickwork-1-copy-2sylvialiu-stickwork-1-copy-2

I absolutley love that Sylvia created her art when she was similar to Sarah’s age. That makes this episode extra special in my mind. Thanks to both of them for sharing their talents.

© K Woodard Photography

© K Woodard Photography



Meet Sylvia: Sylvia Liu is a children’s author and illustrator. Her debut picture book as an author, A MORNING WITH GRANDPA, illustrated by Christina Forshay (Lee & Low Books 2016) won the Lee & Low New Voices Award. She is inspired by her family, the ocean, aliens, kraken, and cephalopods. Sylvia’s website is www.enjoyingplanetearth.com, and she co-runs the kid lit resource website, www.kidlit411.com.