Happy Fall


Fall is my favorite season. For me it has always held the excitement and anticipation of a new beginning because of the start of the school year. In fact, my years kind of feel like they start in September since I have spent most of my life on a school-year calendar. After going through grade school, middle school, high school, and college, I taught school for twenty-six years. Every fall, for all those years, I went to school. Even though I’m retired from teaching, my mind still works on a school-year schedule. Last week, I was excited as I pictured yellow school buses, pencils, erasers, tablets, crayons, markers, backpacks, decorated halls, and the smiling, excited faces of students. Students sitting at desks ready to learn from the teachers who have dedicated their lives to sharing knowledge in creative ways.

A huge part of this “school-beginning” picture I have in my mind has to do with books. Classrooms full of books. Libraries full of books. Books everywhere. Books to be read and enjoyed. Books that become a part of memories. For years, I have dreamed of having of books I have written in those classrooms and libraries—to be read and enjoyed, to bring smiles, to bring “Read it again!”.

But dreaming took me nowhere until I was willing to get get to work—the type of hard work goes into making any dream come true. A few years ago, I started working hard to reach my dream. Writing hard to reach my dream.

Now, that’s what I do. I write children’s books. And this September is especially exciting for me. I’m getting closer to making my dream a reality. Closer to getting published. Closer to having books that I have written sitting in those classrooms and libraries.

Why is this September especially exciting? I now have an agent. April the 29th, I signed with Tricia Lawrence of the Erin Murphy Literary Agency. Our author/agent relationship is only a few months old, but I already know she’s wonderful. I could tell you all the ways she’s wonderful, but I know I would miss some. Let me just say that she when she shows up, her backpack is full of all the right supplies. Very well stocked. I feel lucky to have her, and one very important reason I feel lucky to have her is because she makes me feel like she’s lucky to have me!

Fall is my favorite season, and this may be my favorite fall so far. Technically, this isn’t a “new beginning”, as I’ve already begun my writing journey, but it feels like I’ve gone on to the next grade in school. I’m full of excitement and anticipation for what this year will bring!

Happy fall to all my readers. I hope you, too, feel excitement and anticipation as you move forward on your journey…whatever it may be.