“Penny” Poems

I did my first poem collection.

The poems are about me. Don’t be scared off by the word “collection”. My poems are short 🙂

Penny: A Rare Collection

Pretty Penny

Coined in nineteen fifty-five
pretty Penny—cooing live.
Certificate, inscribed with pen,
christened tiny Penny Len.

Penny Wise: Note From Parents

Penny, life will be a surprise
but we have prepared you
and you are wise.
So when the penny drops,
and likely it will,
just pause and ponder,
reflect and refill…
rolling through life can be dull and grimy—
but love can restore to bright and shiny.

Lucky Penny

Lucky Penny has sisters—three
Tris Cean, Cari Dee, Janna Lee.

A Penny Found

My husband is adept…
and knows a Penny found is a Penny kept.

Rare Coin

My son— not just a chapter, but a book—
a rare coin in a mom’s heart-nook

A Penny For Your Thoughts

Ask this Penny for her thoughts
you’ll get whimsical, quirky jots!

Coin Toss

Life’s journey—a coin toss
win, loss, win, loss.
Tails, heads—heads, tails
attitude is what prevails.

In God I Trust

In God I Trust
a lifetime must!

A Penny on a Railroad Track

A Penny placed on life’s railroad track—
becomes a valued treasure—always taken back!

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