A Great Nephew and a Great Aunt, Guests-Liz Steinglass and Her Daughter, Naomi

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Ants may rule the hill, but they don’t rule here! Art by Landon (Click to Enlarge)

Ants may rule the hill, but they don’t rule here! Art by Landon (Click to Enlarge)

Hello, Great Readers of our series! Just In case you haven’t visited before, let me tell you a little about A Great Nephew and A Great Aunt. My great nephew, Landon (a seventh-grader) and I (his great aunt) collaborate. I write a poem which he illustrates. We started this collaboration in the fall of 2014 and have had so much fun with it that we decided to invite others along. Landon and I will continue to have a new episode on one Friday of each month. The other Fridays are filling up quickly with guests. I have created a page on my website to view all the episodes of A Great Nephew and a Great Aunt. Click HERE to visit the page and enjoy past episodes.

Today it’s my pleasure to share a creative collaboration from . . .

Liz Steinglass and Her Daughter, Naomi

From Elizabeth: Naomi began drawing portraits electronically (on an ipad and then a drawing tablet) for a middle school project in 7th grade. Though she graduated from middle school a year and a half ago and the project officially ended, Naomi continues to draw portraits of imagined characters.

Naomi gave me two portraits to choose from but told me this was her favorite, so that’s the one I wrote about. It felt important to me not to go beyond what was presented, not to make any assumptions about this young woman based on her appearance. That’s why the poem takes the form of questions and refers specifically to what I can see.

Naomi’s Art


Art by Naomi

Liz’s Poem


Many thanks to Liz and Naomi for sharing their talents today.



Meet Liz: Elizabeth Steinglass is a children’s poet. Her first book Soccer Nonsense is forthcoming from Boyds Mills Press. In the meantime you can read her poetry in anthologies, magazines, and on her blog at www.ElizabethSteinglass.com



Meet Naomi: Naomi Steinglass is in the 10th grade. When she isn’t in class or doing homework, she loves to read, write, draw, play the ukulele, and perform in plays.


59 thoughts on “A Great Nephew and a Great Aunt, Guests-Liz Steinglass and Her Daughter, Naomi

  1. Penny, I am coming late to the portrait party but now that I am here, I am fascinated by the electronic drawing. Naomi’s artwork is stunning and opens the door for a quizzical interplay of words that Liz has provided. What a duo! Thanks for sharing this fabulous pair’s work and I hope Liz’s tells the backstory of how the portrait came to be.

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  2. I love writing poems after art, and I am so intrigued by this portrait! Naomi has really captured something here, and I love how Liz’s poem only points to the mystery, doesn’t try to solve it. Beautiful!

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  3. Yes, tons of talent in the Steinglass clan! So nice to “meet” Naomi here.
    Such a compelling portrait, and the open-ended poem is a perfect match. I want to know more about this young woman from both forms of art.

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  4. Naomi is truly a talented artist. The portrait if hauntingly beautiful. You wonder who is the young woman and what is her life story. And, I love Liz’s poem with all of the questions. Such a gifted family.

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  5. Wow. What a talented young woman Naomi is– the portrait is exquisite! I’m curious about the medium… is this really digitally drawn??? If so, I’d love to know what software/app she used (Miranda’s been focused on portraits this year, as well.) Also, the approach Liz took is perfect… but that much I kinda expected. 🙂

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      • I’m interested in the app or software, too. The portrait has an intriguing expression, as if she were hearing music on the wind or searching for meaning in her own face. Perhaps we are the mirror. I like that you left so much to reader, Liz. It makes me feel trusted and knowledgeable, a great affect.


  6. Wow, this portrait is wonderful, amazing that Naomi is doing this art on an iPad. I love the compelling look of this young woman, and love the rhythm and intensity of your poem’s questioning, Liz. Thanks for a great collaboration, Naomi, Liz and Penny!

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  7. I love the question aspect to–it leaves it more open to the reader’s interpretation. And what a stunning portrait too. Thanks for sharing, Penny!! Congrats to Liz & Naomi 🙂

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  8. Penny–Thanks so much for having us. We had such a good time collaborating and this poem would not exist without your inspiring series and Naomi’s inspiring drawing.

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