Natural Talent-Poetry Inspired by Nature

poetry friday buttonMy friend and I were out to lunch last week. She asked if I would like to see some of her daughter’s work. Her daughter is a photographer. Wow! The photos were so beautiful and inspiring that they deserved a poem! I grabbed a pen and a napkin to write a quick haiku!

Melody Trowell is her daughter’s name and I’m sharing the haiku and the particular photo that inspired it. HERE is the link to her website, Under the Bridge. This photo is in her Art For Purchase gallery. If you hop over there, I imagine you will be inspired. You may even write a poem of your own. If you’d like to share a haiku, couplet, etc in the comments, I would be thrilled!

Photo by Melody Trowell-Photographer

Natural Talent

painting and sculpting—

nature is art and artist

of her gallery

© Penny Parker Klostermann 2013

Thanks to Buffy Sliverman at Buffy’s Blog for hosting Poetry Friday today. Head on over to enjoy the offerings.

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