Natural Talent-Poetry Inspired by Nature

poetry friday buttonMy friend and I were out to lunch last week. She asked if I would like to see some of her daughter’s work. Her daughter is a photographer. Wow! The photos were so beautiful and inspiring that they deserved a poem! I grabbed a pen and a napkin to write a quick haiku!

Melody Trowell is her daughter’s name and I’m sharing the haiku and the particular photo that inspired it. HERE is the link to her website, Under the Bridge. This photo is in her Art For Purchase gallery. If you hop over there, I imagine you will be inspired. You may even write a poem of your own. If you’d like to share a haiku, couplet, etc in the comments, I would be thrilled!

Photo by Melody Trowell-Photographer

Natural Talent

painting and sculpting—

nature is art and artist

of her gallery

© Penny Parker Klostermann 2013

Thanks to Buffy Sliverman at Buffy’s Blog for hosting Poetry Friday today. Head on over to enjoy the offerings.

Perfect Picture Book Friday-Santa Claus and the Three Bears

I love Perfect Picture Book Friday. I especially love it in December because reviewers tell all about their seasonal favorites. Then I get to add a whole slew of picture books to my Can’t-Wait-To-Read-This list!
I’m especially excited about the book I’m reviewing today. It is written by Maria Modugno who just happens to be the editor for my debut picture book! (I have a big smile on my face right now!) Maria is editorial director at Random House Children’s Publishing.

Santa Claus and the Three BearsSanta Claus and the Three Bears

Written by Maria Modugno

Illustrated by Jane Dyer and Brook Dyer

HarperCollins 2013

Ages 4-8

Themes: Holiday, Fractured Fairy Tales

Synopsis: (from the publisher’s website) When Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear return from a snowy stroll on Christmas Eve, they are surprised at what they find! Their pudding . . . eaten! Their chairs . . . broken! And who is that, fast asleep in Baby Bear’s bed?

This ingenious holiday treat positively glows with warmth and humor. Sparkling prose by Maria Modugno and splendid watercolor paintings by Jane Dyer and Brooke Dyer make every turn of the page a fresh delight.

Opening: Once upon a time, there were three bears: a great big Papa Bear, a middle-size Mama Bear, and a wee little Baby Bear. It was Christmas Eve, and they were busy decorating their house with holly and berries and icicles.

Resources: When kids read a fractured fairy tale, they’ll probably want to write one of their own. Read, Write, Think has this great tool for writing fractured fairy tales, HERE.
I found a fractured fairy tale book list HERE. The list is kind of dated in terms of publication date but it has a ton of excellent books on it. HERE is a link to a fractured fairy tale shelf I added my Goodreads. It will have ones with more recent publication dates. I have some listed that are on the other list so excuse duplicates.
Have kids weave Santa into another fairy tale.
HERE is a nice resource from The Book Chook. Be sure to scroll down and check out all her ideas.

Why I Like This Book: Many reasons! I am a big fan of fractured fairy tales. They’re all kinds of fun.  Pairing Santa with polar bears is nothing short of brilliant. What child doesn’t love a story about either one? Combine the two, and their little eyes will sparkle. And, Maria Modugno’s text is “just right”. The story follows the original but is fresh with details that bring warm humor and Christmas spirit to this beloved tale. Instead of high-tailing it like Goldilocks, Santa stays long enough to Ho! Ho! Ho! and  leave presents for the three bears. In an adorable twist, he leaves a GREAT BIG present for Baby Bear, a middle-size present for Mama Bear, and a wee little present for Papa Bear.
The illustrations are absolutely perfect. Just look at that cover. The first spread shows the bears decorating their house for Christmas and I just stared…taking in every delightful detail!
Don’t you love this book already? So…Ho! Ho! Ho! and Go! Go! Go! get this book!

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