Perfect Picture Book Friday-Don’t Slam the Door

I just love cumulative tales. And I just love funny! So, I doubled loved this week’s selection for Perfect Picture Book Friday.

Don't slam the doorDon’t Slam the Door!

Written by Dori Chaconas

Illustrated by Will Hillenbrand

Candlewick  2010

Ages 3 – 7

Themes: Cause and Effect, Cumulative

Synopsis: (from Goodreads) A slamming door may not seem like a big deal, but in this escalating tale, it can have far-reaching (and very funny) consequences — including a limping, yelping Pa; a scared, bee-stung bear; and a whole house plunged into pandemonium!

Opening: Please don’t slam the door!
Don’t slam that old screen door!
A slamming door will wake the cat,
and heaven knows, we don’t want that,
so please don’t slam that door!

Resources: This is a great cause and effect book. HERE is an activity for identifying cause and effect in the story. And HERE is  another activity on cause and effect. You can also use this story for sequencing. HERE is a suggested activity. (The book used in this sequencing activity is The Napping House, but any cumulative tale will work.)

Why I like This Book: This is a fast-moving, tons-of-fun story told in lively rhyme. The text and the illustrations compliment each other in a fantastic way. The illustrations are about a half a step ahead of the text so readers will be clued in to what happens next. The language is especially fun. Look how she describes the bear-“you silly, bee-stung, scaredy-bear.” Cute, huh? Over the last couple of years, I have read every cumulative tale I could get my hands on, and that has been a bunch. This is one of my all-time favorites! Don’t hesitate to check it out!

Oh! And while you’re checking things out, head on over to Susanna Leonard Hill’s place and check out all the fantastic Perfect Picture Book Selections! Each book is reviewed by a picture book -lovin’ reviewer, AND includes activities to go along with the book. You will find a handy list right HERE.

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      1. I think both :0) It’s easier for someone else to see too. I can’t wait to read a Penny book :0)


  1. I don’t know this book or author, but am a fan of Will Hillenbrand’s art. And I also love cumulative tales, rollicking rhymes and humor, so this is right down my alley. Thanks Penny!


  2. Looks like a fun one Penny. (Plus, I’m sending this link to someone in my critique group as a comp title!)


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