Poetry Friday-Poetry Resources

Today, instead of sharing a poem, I wanted to share my Poetry Resource page once more. With a new school year upon us, I hope that it will help teachers find new and exciting ways to explore poetry with their students. You can click Poetry Resources in the bar above or click HERE to check out some of the wonderful resources available.

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Poetry Friday~Swimming Toward the Light

I know it’s August, but I am sharing a poem I wrote in March for Ed DeCaria’s March Madness Poetry Tournament. You can find out more about this fun event HERE. Authletes are given a word and have only 36 hours to compose a poem using  that word. I was given the word amicable. I searched high and low for an idea and ended up in the depths!

Swimming Toward the Light

On a lonely, lightless bottom, fathoms down below,
a solitary, stalk-eyed shrimp is swimming to and fro.

“Look! A luminescent, phosphorescent, incandescent glow!”

 On that lonely, lightless bottom, fathoms down below,
a serrated-saw-toothed anglerfish’s lure waves to and fro—

Thus…the luminescent, phosphorescent, incandescent glow!

And what to shrimp seemed amicable…never would be so.

– © 2013 Penny Klostermann

I hope you enjoyed my poem.

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