Poetry Resources For Teachers

I did many things to celebrate National Poetry Month. But my favorite thing to come out of April is a page I created on my blog with resources for teaching poetry. I’m not the first one to have a poetry resource page. There are many great ones on the Internet. My focus was to gather sites that I think will be very useful in the classroom. I taught school for 26 years. I did not teach poetry because I taught Physical Education and Computer. I know poetry is a part of every subject. In Physical Education, we learned jump rope rhymes and worked on rhythm. In Computer, we keyed in and formatted poetry in a word processing program. But I didn’t get to really delve into the workings of poetry. After 26 years, I know about teaching. I, also, know how busy teachers are and how teaching poetry intimidates some of them. I hope the resources I have gathered will show them ways to bring poetry to their classrooms in a way that will get students excited, and in a way that both students and teachers will enjoy. You can click on Poetry Resources right at the top of this page, or click HERE.

Liz Steinglass is hosting Poetry Friday this week at her place.

11 thoughts on “Poetry Resources For Teachers

  1. Terrific list, Penny–I’ve bookmarked it! Thanks for putting all of these resources in one place.


  2. Lauri! You have made my day! My week! My year! I really did teach 26 years…plus I took six years off between year 21 and 22…and I’ve been retired for four. I’m much older in person…tee hee! But, I’m very young at hear!


  3. My main takeaway here is: how in the world did you teach for 26 years? You appear to be in your 30s, so I’m assuming you were a very gifted child. 🙂
    Thank you for the poetry resources too!


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