Perfect Picture Book Friday-Waking Dragons

waking dragonsWaking Dragons

Written by Jane Yolen

Illustrated by Derek Anderson

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers 2012

Ages 4-8

Themes: Dragons, Common Childhood Experiences (morning rituals), rhyme

Synopsis: (from Goodreads) From tumbling out of their humongous blankets to devouring a breakfast of catapulted waffles, these characters and their loveable antics fill the pages with luminous color and dragon-size fun. A joyful collaboration between two bestselling talents, author Jane Yolen and illustrator Derek Anderson, this book will make any young reader fly out of bed.

Opening Lines:
Dragons wake up,
dragons rise.
Dragons open
dragon eyes.

Resources: HERE is a cute YouTube video on brushing teeth and eating foods that are good for healthy teeth. HERE are instructions for a paper bag dragon puppet.

Why I Like This Book: I loved the rhyming text and the beautiful illustrations. The book is humorous from the beginning, starting with a young knight reading a note on one of the front end pages. The note says: Don’t forget to wake the dragons before school. Love, Mom. Isn’t that great? Standing right there with the young knight is his dog who helps the young knight throughout the story. The book continues to delight with the young knight (and dog) overseeing the morning routine of the dragons, and successfully getting out the door and off to knight school on the backs of the dragons. Kids will LOVE it.

Susanna Leonard Hill features Perfect Picture Book Friday on her blog. This is a wonderful resource if you are wondering what books to give as gifts, needing material for a lesson, or just looking for a great book to read. Here is a list of books by category. Each book listed has a link to a review, information about that book, and resources for activities. There is also an alphabetical list.

33 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday-Waking Dragons

  1. I was surprised by how quiet the book was and how few words it had and how simple it was. It’s just one of those I’ll have to pick up a few more times.


  2. I love Jane Yolen and I love tight rhyme. Add adorable illustrations and a cute premise and you’ve got a winner! Thanks for sharing this neat book with us.


  3. I heart Jane Yolen! I’ll get to see her again at the next conference I go to. This book sounds as adorable as her “How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?” I’m going to check it out ASAP. Thanks, Penny!


  4. I love the idea of catapulted waffles!

    Our library recently featured many of Jane Yolen’s books in a beautiful display. She is incredible!


    1. Heather,
      I love rhyming books, too! And kids love them! But they do have to be done right, and perfect rhyme is difficult.
      I hope you find this book and get to read it soon! It’s a good one.


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