Winner of the Picture Book Critique from Gayle Krause

Before I announce the winner…Exciting news!!!


RATGIRL is now available from Amazon in paperback or Kindle.
For Paperback version click HERE.
For Kindle version click HERE.

Ok…Two Lies and a Truth
The answer is #2.

From Gayle:
Though I have made acorn muffins and I have made rabbit, I have NOT cooked them in a solar oven. Although I made a solar oven in the 70’s when I taught Home Economics. 🙂

And yes, I have killed a rat with a cinder block when I was 10.

And yes, I was stupid enough to go spelunking in my twenties, swallowed up by the dark mountainside and 12″ from a cliff feeling my way with my hands and feet. STUPID!!!!!

And….The winner is…………………….

Wendy Greenley whose name was drawn from commenters who guessed #2!

Wendy, please email me with your email information, and I will pass it on to Gayle.

Congratulations on winning a picture book critique!

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