Perfect Picture Friday-Soup For One

Soup for One

Soup For One

Written and Illustrated by Ethan Long

Running Press Kids 2012

Ages 3-6

Themes: Counting to 10

Synopsis: (from publisher’s website) Shoo, fly, shoo! One little fly thinks he’s getting a big bowl of hot soup all to himself. Little does he know, interlopers wait around every corner. Help him to count the unwelcome pals that join him for lunch—one after another after another—up to ten! Who will get the last slurp of soup? Does the ravenous chef have a chance against ten hungry flies? Or will the sneaky spider hiding on every page be the one to triumph?


Tee hee hee!
Some soup for me!
Shoo, fly, shoo!
It’s not for two!

Resources: Try Dot-to-dot  and Counting Fish at ABCya! HERE, there are 15 online activities to help with counting to 10. I came up with an activity, too. Write the numbers 1-10 on blank index cards. Lay them out on a table. Give each child a plastic fly swatter. Let them take turns swatting the number you call out.

Top Ten Reasons I Like This Book
10. It’s a delightful little counting book.
9. It can be easily be used in the classroom with curriculum connections.
8. It’s a concept book with a story that invites page turns.
7. Photographic elements in the illustrations add unique dimension.
6. The rhyme is simple and moves the story forward effectively.
5. The fact that each fly has personality.
4. The slurping lizard.
3. Adults will giggle.
2. Kids will giggle.
And the #1 reason I like this book. The lurking spider who may just get a taste of something delicious!

Susanna Leonard Hill features Perfect Picture Book Friday on her blog. This is a wonderful resource if you are wondering what books to give as gifts, needing material for a lesson, or just looking for a great book to read. Here is a list of books by category. Each book listed has a link to a review, information about that book, and resources for activities. There is also an alphabetical list.

33 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Friday-Soup For One

  1. It is so important that concept books are still interesting stories. I haven’t found too many that are! Great choice 🙂


    1. You are so right Wendy! I LOVE rhyming books and kids do, too. Recently, I read several new picture books to some kindergartners. I asked which was their favorite. Hands down they picked the rhyming book. I guess it’s because the industry has seen so many poor attempts, but if you look at what is being published, there are still plenty of rhyming books hitting the shelves that are getting stellar reviews.


  2. This sounds like something you would write, Penny. Inviting page turns is no easy task. I can’t wait to read this one.


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