Perfect Picture Book Friday-Cowboy Christmas

Yeehaw and a Ho! Ho! Ho! Today I’ve rounded up a review that has me kickin’ up my heels!


Cowboy Christmas

Written by Rob Sanders

Illustrated by John Manders

Golden Books 2012

Ages 3-8

Themes: Christmas, Cowboys, Santa Claus

Synopsis: (from Kirkus) Cartoon-style art, lots of cowboy lingo, and funny attempts at holiday decoration and baking…Young buckaroos who like their Christmas stories punchy rather than sweet might just take a likin’ to ol’ Dwight, Darryl and Dub.

And, just in case you’re not already a rip roarin’ off to the bookstore or library to grab your own copy, have a look at this here book trailer.

Opening: “Three days till Christmas,” said Dwight.
“And we’re stuck with cows,” whined Darryl.
“Santy Claus will never find us out here on the range, ” sniveled Dub.
Cookie stirred the beans.
“No presents, “said Dwight.
“No stocking, ” added Darryl.
“No Santy,” groaned Dub.

Resources: For any of you that don’t follow Rob Sanders blog or look regularly at his website, you are missing out! Both have valuable resources for teachers and for writers. In fact, after you look at the Cowboy Christmas activities all available from Rob’s website, you will be sold. HERE is a muscial based on the book. HERE is a reader’s theater. HERE is a writing activity, Cowboy Writin’. HERE is Cooking With Cookie (the cook). And, HERE is Sweet Cooking With Cookie (the cook). See what I mean? Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now, if you want to be inspired as a writer, be sure to subscribe to receive posts from his blog. And don’t just wait for posts! Rob has an incredible blog directory HERE  that is chock full of information for writers.

Why I Like This Book: Well, I live out here in West Texas in the midst of cowboy lingo, ranchin’, and rodeoin’! I see real-life cowboys every day! So, having a book that incorporates Santy Claus with cowboys is just my idea of fun! The text is full of cowboy, twangy words that add a humorous liveliness to an endearing tale. Children will relate as each of the cowboys reminisces about his childhood Christmas tradition. They will laugh along as the cowboys try imitating those traditions with the limited resources out on the range. Award winning illustrator, John Manders, adds his more-than-special touch to the story with his artwork. All-in-all, this is a book that you should round up for several reads during the Christmas season.

Susanna Leonard Hill features Perfect Picture Book Friday on her blog. This is a wonderful resource if you are wondering what books to give as gifts, needing material for a lesson, or just looking for a great book to read. Here is a list of books by category. Each book listed has a link to a review, information about that book, and resources for activities. There is also an alphabetical list.

33 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday-Cowboy Christmas

  1. Penny, this sounds so funny! I will definitely look for this one, esp. since I have been struggling with a cowboy story myself. Thanks!


    1. Oh yeah! I really like to read books like the ones I am working on. It helps my creativity and helps me to see if they are too similar. Since this is a Christmas one, I don’t imagine yours is similar. Even seeing the illos and noticing all the small details in those can help me find words and thoughts to further my story.


  2. I haven’t read this book yet, but I’ve read a number of reviews that suggest I should 🙂 and I’m a big fan of Rob’s blog and critiques – he’s really terrific! Thanks for sharing this one, Penny. I guess I’d better mosey on out and lasso me up a copy 🙂


  3. Looks like fun! I think I have been missing out on a gold mine; I will have to check out the website and blog for lots of great resources. thanks


  4. What FUN! I’m going to be singing Riders in the Sky songs for the rest of the evening — those songs would go perfectly with this book, I reckon. I must mosey on over to Rob’s blog, as well. Wasn’t he in 12×12? or in PiBoIdMo? or something????


  5. I told you, you always make me smile when I come here…lol. This reminds me so much of a tour through Europe my husband and I took (years ago), and there were a texan couple in our group, I will never forget their strong bawrdy accent and cowboy lingo. Wife would always repeat what hubby said…. had us in fits! I am now going to be a new follower of Robs blog… this is awesome stuff! Thanks Penny!


    1. Yeehaw! I’m glad I make you smile! Isn’t it awesome stuff?!? I think you will love following his blog. He hasn’t posted as much since his book came out. It sounds as if he has been very busy with it’s release! But there’s enough in the archives to keep a person busy a LONG time.


  6. Penny, this sounds like an absolutely fun and delightful ride on the Christmas range! It reminds me of a kids play we did some years ago. One of the little boys who played a cowboy asked me if he could ‘spit’ on stage. Thanks for all the link ups. I will be a new follower of Rob’s. And I am inspired by the fun illustrations, too.


  7. Very unique Christmas story — and one the kids will have a fun with. Love the Cowboy lingo and all of the wonderful resources, especially the recipes from Cookie. Imagine boys will especially enjoy this story.


  8. That does sound fun. I haven’t been to Rob’s site in ages, I wonder if I didn’t subscribe properly. p.s. There’s a spelling mistake in the book trailer, do you think they’d want to change it or am I a goose? 😉 all together should be altogether.


    1. Oh, Catherine…good catch.I had watched to book trailer three times and missed that! I would think they’d want to change that for sure!
      I sure do like browsing around his blog. I have found inspiration there for sure.


  9. I was waiting for someone to pick up this great new Christmas book! Wow, I am impressed with all his resources and I am a great fan of his blog!


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