International Dot Day

Every day is a good day to celebrate creativity in the classroom and all that it unlocks and unleashes for students and teachers. But since 2009, one day – September 15 — has become a great day for teachers, students and people everywhere to re-commit and re-connect to the power and potential that creativity brings to all we do. Learn more about International Dot Day HERE. Find ideas for your classroom HERE.

Get inspired.

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View Celebri-Dots HERE.

I love to doodle while I am thinking up ideas for my stories and poems. So I decided  to doodle my dot to represent my favorite way to be creative—writing.

In honor of International Dot Day and to celebrate creativity, here is my dot.

Happy International Dot Day~Penny Klostermann

24 thoughts on “International Dot Day

  1. I am loving all of the creative posts on International Dot Day. Love your dot Penny and your activities. Great idea to share the iPad artwork. I used it. Thanks for making your mark today.


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