A to Z Poetry Challenge Day 24-A Found Poem-Boy Blue, Wolfy Fella, and Cinder-gal

I have to start out by saying that my poem today will make ABSOLUTELY no sense unless you consider that it is a found poem. You don’t know what that is???? Ha! Neither did I until this morning. Rena Traxel explains all about it on her blog today as we come to Day 24 of the A to Z Poetry Challenge. Also, HERE is a link to The Found Poetry Project. Rena created an online version for us to use-how clever of her! Essentially we are give “source text” (simply put—a bunch of random text taken from a bunch of random sources)…Then we use the words to make up a poem. I went through and highlighted words I wanted to use and then added some words of my own to create my completely random poem. If you’d like to see my the “source text” Rena provided us, click HERE and scroll down to where it says Source Text.

A Found Poem-Boy Blue, Wolfy Fella and Cinder-gal

Boy Blue stomped his feet

Go away! I’m not yours to eat!

You bushy tailed canine,

You’re not going to dine

On me or Cinderella

Got that? Wolfy fella?

You say you’re NOT here gnaw and chew

On Cinder-gal or her wooden shoe?

Well, then don’t piddle and putter

Have some crunchy peanut butter

And some beans, corn, peas.

Although I doubt that will please.

As for me and my main squeeze

We will head for balm and breeze.

And sing from the rooftops

Because, Dude, we have “nice chops!”

So, “Later” you hairy bafoon

We’re off on our honeymoon!

12 thoughts on “A to Z Poetry Challenge Day 24-A Found Poem-Boy Blue, Wolfy Fella, and Cinder-gal

  1. Awesome Penny! I’m really impressed you made it a fun children’s one from those words. Brilliant!


  2. Haha. I can just see Boy Blue saying this. He’s a bit of hero in the Fable series. I think it was nice of Boy Blue to offer the Wolf something to eat when after all he was trying to eat them! I love that you were able to get the grocery list in there.


  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! Too funny! So Cinderalla is Boy Blue’s main squeeze, huh? No wonder he could never be found. Funny, creative, whimsical, did I mention funny? Great job, Penny.


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