A to Z Poetry Challenge Day 19-I Love Me Some Sonnet (Giggle)

Rena Traxel is challenging us in all sorts of ways with her A to Z Poetry Challenge. It has been really wonderful for my growth in poetry, as well as writing in general. It is Day 19 of the challenge and I keep wondering if I can pull another poem out of the hat. I promised myself when I began, that I would not allow myself to use any of my “old” stuff. I committed to writing something new for each day of the challenge. I am one of those “rule-to-the-tea” followers, so I have honored my commitment. I have come up with some poems I’m truly proud of, and I have eked out some poems that are a little embarrassing to post…but I post them anyway hoping my readers will get a laugh, at least. Today is a very ekey poem…but it made me laugh as I wrote it. I wrote it last night right on the tail end of my Day 18 poem. I thought, “Hey! I’m just going to do this thing and get it over with.” Our challenge had to do with S’s. A sonnet to be specific…and the word Shakespearean was mentioned too. So with Google as my friend, I revisited some Shakespeare and sonnetized.

I Love Me Some Sonnet (Giggle)

For me true dread lies in this night
As no words flow onto lines.
Forswear I  cannot see the light
As no budding thoughts shine.
O Penny-o, O Penny-o
Doth though not refuse to ponder
Or maybe eat a Cheerio
And seeth thy pen wander.
Deny thy blankness of mind
And add sweet ink to page.
No end, no limits will find
And thou wilt be a wise sage.
Thus me thinks me ramble too long.
Hence now I end this wayward song.

12 thoughts on “A to Z Poetry Challenge Day 19-I Love Me Some Sonnet (Giggle)

  1. I LOVE IT!!! Cheerio made me giggle out loud! LOL Now you know I am avoiding that sonnet like the plague. But I must come up with SOMTHING by tomorrow. 🙂


  2. That is magnificent, hilarious and actually sounds like a sonnet, unlike mine. I must get this on Pinterest, people are actually repinning my poop one. How funny!


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