A to Z Poetry Challenge Day 16-Imagilicious Delicious

Today is Day 16 of Rena Traxel’s A to Z Poetry Challenge. Our letter today is P for Prose. On her blog, HERE, she talks about prose poetry and writes an example. Even though I was challenged to write a prose poem…it’s really not my style. So I used the letter “P” to be a bit pigheaded and write a Penny-style poem! I wanted to add something to my poetry portfolio that would be pleasing to my persnickety, particular Penny-ness. I think that’s enough “P” references to get by with passing on prose. So without further postponement, here is my poem for Day 16.

Imagilicious Delicious

In my dream, I baked a cake so imagilicious

Every bite, every crumb—delightful and delicious!

Layers stacked so high. Oh my!

Luscious tower to the sky.

Layer one and layer two

Turned from purple into blue

Sugar sweetness spread between

Reaching up to cakey green.

Scrumptious icing, sticky fun

Touching bright, confection sun.

Up to orange and up to red

Sweet, treat vision in my head.

Every bite, every crumb—delightful and delicious

In my dream the cake I baked so imagilicious!

18 thoughts on “A to Z Poetry Challenge Day 16-Imagilicious Delicious

  1. This poem was so delightful and delicious! This may be one of my favorites so far! Doesn’t hurt that I want to take a big ol’ bite out of that rainbow cake!!! Imagilicious indeed! Well done Penny!!!


    1. I got the picture off Google and found an online photo editor and quickly used their blurring tool. I’m not a Photoshop savvy person…but this was simple…then used my snipping tool to cut away unwanted blurry edges…all in a matter of 5 min. without downloading any software. Oh the wonders of the Internet!
      Here’s a link to the online photo editor in case any of you are ever needing a quick fix!


  2. Really, Penny? Did you have to post that picture? You really didn’t need the picture. Your words led to some serious salivating. Before the night, I’m making a Publix run. So much fun, this is!


  3. Prose poems aren’t my thing either. Do you think that your poem above would be different if you had written a prose poem? (do you think it would have the same effect?) I can just see a little kid looking up at this towering cake and licking her/his lips. This is a fun poem!


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