A to Z Poetry Challenge Day 14-You Will Find Me and The King

The A to Z Poetry Challenge is over halfway finished. Wow! This month, I have written 14 poems counting today’s poem. I have to thank Rena Traxel once again for organizing this wonderful challenge. She inspires us each day as she challenges us to increase our poetic skills.  She has taken us from just a group of poets to a group of supportive friends. Thanks, Rena!!!

N is for Nature! Rena provided us with a really nice photo she took of a nest. It inspired me to write a little bird poem which is below the nest picture. But, then, as I thought about it, my mind took me to where I grew up…the most beautiful place in the world—the Crystal River Valley in western Colorado. Talk about nature! I thought of all the mountains I could write about…Mount Sopris, Elephant Mountain, Chair Mountain…you get the drift. I thought about the river, itself…and then I thought about something that happens in late May to early June. It’s awesome! So I found a picture (which includes the one and only Mount Sopris). The photo will be below my second poem, The King, so as to not spoil my surprise ending! I still go to The Crystal River Valley often because my parents are still there…and I could truly go wild about nature in that setting! Now for my bird poem inspired by Rena’s photo.

Photo by Rena  J. Traxel

You Will Find Me

Grass, twig, straw — my nest in the tree—

my home…so you search for me.


Now in the springtime you will find me

carrying grasses to the tree.

Now in the summer you will find me

soaring high above the tree.

Now in the autumn you will find me

singing loudly from the tree.

Now in the winter you will find me

leaving tracks beneath the tree.


But when I stop—my nest in the tree—

my home—is where you’ll find me.

The King

I roar throughout the field, “I’m King!”

Up! Up! Up! I spring!

Across the field I cover ground.

“Beauty!” I am crowned.

In sun I spread my golden mane.

It is true! I reign!

This, the field, my royal Zion.

Me? The dandelion!

Oh and by the way…speaking of spring…we have ducks—Mr. and Mrs. Quackers. I made them their own blog right HERE.

14 thoughts on “A to Z Poetry Challenge Day 14-You Will Find Me and The King

  1. Penny both poems are great! I am with Catherine. I love your style of writing. You’ve heard this before, but I’m learning lots from you, lady! BTW, visited your other site and saw your ducks. First, what a lovely backyard and that pool, wow! Your pictures are awesome. Can’t wait unit the pics of chicks!


  2. You had me fooled with the dandelion poem! You are chugging right through this challenge, Ms. Penny! Full steam ahead, we are half-way there!!! (Is that all?) LOL 🙂


    1. I was hoping to fool some folks! I don’t know about the chugging right through part…but I’m getting them written and by the end of the month, I hope to have some I can perfect and possibly submit somewhere. My problem is I love the writing part, but the researching to submit part is so tedious to me and I have a tendency to avoid it! That just won’t work!


  3. Nice poems, Penny! I just went to Mr. and Mrs. Quackers’ site – love it! I had to watch it twice because I was so focused on your awesome pool that I didn’t pay attention to the ducks! We have a small pond in our yard and have had the same duck couple visit every spring – until we got our 85 pound dog 😦


    1. We both have dandelion pictures! Now is that just dandy????

      We don’t have a dog…so I guess we may have ducks every year…we will see. I sure am enjoying the whole thing.


  4. I like how the bird is doing something different. I also like that you used all four seasons. I love the line “In sun I spread my golden mane”. I was racking my brain to figure out what in nature would do that. I wasn’t expecting the dandelion. I love it!


  5. Wonderful poems, Penny. This truly is a wonderful opportunity to read each others poetry. I love your style.


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