A to Z Poetry Challenge Day 4: Max Moves On

Thanks to Rena Traxel for hosting the  A to Z Poetry Challenge where participants are challenged to write 26 poems in the month of April, which is National Poetry Month. Today will probably be my favorite day of the challenge, because it involves Dr. Seuss-my favorite poet ever! Speaking of favorites, my favorite Seuss story is The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. I do love the Whos, but my favorite character in the story is Max the dog. Poor little Max! Pulling that big ol’ sleigh for the mean one, Mr. Grinch. So, today, I have written about Max post-Grinch…although, after Grinch’s change of heart near the end of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Max hasn’t totally detached.

Max Moves On
Not too far back, I was known far and wide
As the pooch who helped Grinch take his sleigh for a ride.
Yes, I’m Max, the dog, but I have moved on
To a place in the world where I feel I belong.
I’m sure you are wond’ring and you’d like to know,
Just what do I do, and just where did I go?
Well, I live in Maxville. It’s named after me.
I’m married with kiddos. Kid One, Two, and Three.
My wife is named Margie, and this is quite weird,
But Margie’s a goat with a beautiful beard.
That’s why I picked her—well that and her eyes
And why she picked me, I will never surmise.
Our kiddos are doggoats. It sounds like it’s spelled
They have Margie’s beard, and they’re all three dog-tailed
There really good kiddos—our pride and our joy,
The first two are girls—the last is a boy.
The girls stay real busy just mowing the yard.
The boy is a barker, who likes to stand guard.
We’d love you to visit. We’re right on the map.
We’re just south of Bleatstown and just north of Yap.
But don’t come at Christmas, my time’s in a pinch…
I still go to Whoville to help Mr. Grinch.

17 thoughts on “A to Z Poetry Challenge Day 4: Max Moves On

  1. Ha. Ha. Cute! I always felt bad for the dog in the story. What a wonderful and silly poem.


  2. Too cute!!! Who knew Max had a think for long-bearded goats! I agree with Catherine, loved “Bleatsville and Yap.” How very clever! 🙂


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