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Susanna Leonard Hill is having her Valentines Day Contest. I am a huge fan of her blog. I met her online back when she was hosting a Thanksgiving Day Contest. I decided to enter which was great fun. I also started reading her blog that very day and since then I haven’t missed one of her posts (or one of her contests 🙂

Our entry is supposed to be a children’s story, poetry or prose, maximum 200 words, about unlikely Valentines. For complete contest guidelines go here. To read all the entries, click here. Susanna’s example will be in her post and links to the entries are below her post.

So on to my entry.

Frankenstein Valentine

Won’t you be my Valentine?
And say, “I love you, Frankenstein?”
Love my ragged, jagged hair?
Love my bloodshot, frightening stare?

Won’t you be my Valentine?
And say, “I love you, Frankenstein?”
Love my grisly, garish grin?
Love my lumpy, warty skin?

Won’t you be my Valentine?
And say, “I love you, Frankenstein?”
Love my stitched-up, crooked scar?
Love my brain from Victor’s jar?

Won’t you be my Valentine?
And say, “I love you, Frankenstein?”
Love my garbled, boorish talk?
Love my lumbering, stilted walk?

Yes, it’s your chance, my Valentine
to be my Mrs. Frankenstein.

You say that you will NOT be my mine?
Will NOT love this Frankenstein?
Then…just forget this love-fest scene
I’m heading back to Halloween!

Happy Valentines Day!

60 thoughts on “Valentines Day Contest

  1. Congratulations Penny!!!!!! I have to tell you something funny. Last night I read all of the entries to my “little editor.” He said, “Mommy I think that Frankenstein Valentine is going to win. But you are definitely going to come in second place.” LOL!!! Always truthful. 🙂

    I shared that info with Renee this morning in a message and she said that I have a literary genius in the making on my hands! 🙂 HA!


    1. That is so funny. Kids are so truthful. It’s very refreshing. That is one of the things I miss most about teaching. A day didn’t go by that I didn’t get a smile or chuckle from the kid’s conversations and comments. Most days it was several smiles and chuckles.
      Thanks for the congratulations!


  2. But Mary saw truth under his green skin
    and knew her readers would love not question
    This character, who would remain infamous
    Even if his popularity was posthumous!

    (Okay, it’s still early – but I quite enjoyed your entry!)


  3. Top notch as always Penny! Loved it! Besides the fabulous writing, you know what else I love??? This can be both a Halloween and a Valentine’s Day poem. How cool is that?? Great job!


    1. Good point. I like the idea of covering two holidays in one. I am picturing it now…
      heart carved jack-o-lanterns…
      boxes of assorted chocolates with gooey eyeball/brain centers
      OK…maybe not 🙂


    1. Right! Thanks so much for reading my contest entry, Landon. By the way, I really liked that you choose to be a robotic engineer for your project! The doll poster was awesome. Hope you are feeling better. (((Hugs)))


    1. Thanks, Erik. Your opinion always means a lot to me since I am trying to appeal to kids! Not to mention that you aren’t just any kid. You read so much and are an excellent writer. Thanks again.


  4. Oh this was so, so funny. I laughed out loud. Such great discription of him….jaggered hair, warty skin and crooked scar..oh my! …. Loved it Penny,like Catherine, I hope you do get it published somewhere.


  5. Hi Penny,
    So so so funny! And a little sad…cause he doesn’t get his heart’s delight. 🙂 I loved your descriptions of him…how could anyone not LOVE him, with his grisly garish grin and his lumpy warty skin…AWESOME!


  6. I love it!
    I scrapped a draft that rhymed ‘Valentine’ with ‘Einstein’ but I am so glad that you came up with Frankenstein! Nice to tie two fun holidays together!


  7. What a fabulous poem Penny! It has everything in it. You must get this published somewhere. Poor Frankenstein


  8. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed when I clicked over here! Love the questions, the meter, the concept, the eagerness of the poor monster. Well done, Penny. I decided to join in, so I’ll be posting mine on Monday. 🙂


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