12 x 12 in 12

I am participating in 12 x 12 in 12. This means I have committed to write one picture book draft per month for each of the twelve months of 2012.  Julie Hedlund is the creator. Thank you Julie. Head on over to her blog and read all about it.

When I saw the challenge, I didn’t think twice about whether or not I should participate. I just said “Yes! Yes! Yes!.” I could have talked myself out of it….but, I know how seriously I take commitments and how much of a “rule follower” I am, so I committed. I need this challenge. I have a tendency to dilly-dally if I don’t have accountability. This challenge is accountability. Now it’s January 1. Am I glad I signed up??? I am thrilled! Why am I so thrilled that I have made this huge commitment of time and energy? Well, let’s see:

#1 Just look at the badge I get to put on my blog. It’s a reason in itself. A huge bonus. It was designed by Linda Silvestri. If you want to be completely blown away, just visit her blog, sketched out, and soak up the beautiful creativity. It is an experience that will add happiness to your day.

#2 This will give me the perfect opportunity to choose twelve ideas from the list I came up with when I participated in PiBoIdMo in November 2011. It was wonderful-30 ideas in 30 days! And what an awesome 30 days. Tara Lazar created PiBoIdMo and did the most amazing job. You should pop on over to her blog and read the list of guest bloggers and see the list of wonderful prizes that were won.

#3 I take myself seriously as a writer. I dream of being published. This is such an important step. I will be writing! writing! writing! And that is what writers do!

#4 At the end of December 2012, I will have 12 picture book drafts! Whoa! Really? Incredible! I love reading those words….At the end of December 2012, I will have 12 picture book drafts completed!

Ok, you may have thought that since we are talking in twelves that I would have 12 reasons! I imagine I could think and think and think and come up with twelve…but let’s face it. I would spend way too much time thinking, and all of you would be way too bored!!! So just multiply my four reasons times three and you will have done some easy math and come up with the number twelve which is what this is all about!

Happy writing!

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