I’m Penny Parker Klostermann and I write picture books and poetry for children. I was named runner-up for the Barbara Karlin Grant in 2012 with my story, MARS NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS. My debut book, THERE WAS AN OLD DRAGON, is coming from Random House Children’s Fall 2015. It was a VERY exciting day when my book deal was announced. Here is a look at the announcement on my agency’s website:

Maria Modugno at Random House has acquired world rights to There Was an Old Dragon, a debut picture book by Penny Parker Klostermann, illustrated by Ben Mantle. It’s the tale of a ravenous dragon who swallows more than his belly can hold. Tricia Lawrence at Erin Murphy Literary represented the author; Kirsten Hall at Bright Group International represented the illustrator.

I am very happy to be represented by Tricia Lawrence of the Erin Murphy Literary Agency.

I have been known to hug my favorite picture books and seriously hope that someday my books will gain huggable status too.

Now a little fun!

Maybe one reason that I thoroughly enjoy writing for kids is that I thoroughly enjoyed being a kid.

 I knew how to party!

all four tea party

I loved my sisters…

photo 1

…and we loved our dolls.all four with dolls

I wasn’t always cheerful.

me pouting

I must have loved the smell of socks!

me smelling sockAnd I had stylish hair ;-)

photo 2


  • As a child, I fell backwards from a two-story window.
  • I can still stand on my head.
  • I have been stung by a bee on the lip. Ouch!
  • One day my sister was cutting my bangs and flippantly snapped the scissors in front of my face. She accidentally trimmed the tip of my nose that day as well as my bangs. Ouch again!
  • My dad was my principal in school!
  • I broke my arm in fourth grade while pretending that I was a Olympic ice skater.
  • I love to trout fish. I love the whole experience, but digging the earthworms for bait may be my favorite part.
  • When I was young, I wanted to live in a trampoline house.

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  1. Penny – I didn’t realize you were a Barbara Karlin Grant Runner-up until I was perusing the SCBWI page today. A late congratulations to you! I hope your book is progressing well.

    • Thanks, Lauri! It was so exciting. I have my book out on submission. I have gotten some rejections and several haven’t responded. One has shown some interest, but is still “thinking” :-) So, we’ll see. I have another out on submission that is rhyming, also. Then quite a few in the revision stage! Some rhyming and some prose.
      I hope your writing is going well, too.

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